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Worship Schedule

St. John the Divine

315 Main Street, Southwest Harbor

July 5, Pentecost 5
St. Mary and St. Jude
The Reverend Steve Muncie

MDI Episcopal Morning Worship is moving from 10:00 to 8:00
After the premiere, it is available for your viewing at any time

Link to MDI Episcopal Channel:  

Links to other churches:
Cathedral of St. Luke is
(website is for info)
National Cathedral in Washington DC is
(website is 

St. John the Divine is temporarily closed.
If you need help or need to talk with someone, please call
Gen MacKenzie, 244-7313
Ted Fletcher, 266-8415



From the Wardens:
The Annual Meeting was held Monday, June 29th on Zoom. The nominees for Vestry, the Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Diocese Annual Convention were unanimously approved. No nominations for the vacant 3 year vestry position were made from those present at the meeting. Minutes of the June 2019 Annual Meeting were unanimously approved.
Those present at the meeting enjoyed greeting and seeing each other. Many of us had not seen one another since mid-March, nor had we seen or talked with summer residents since their arrival. It was a joyous experience.
The use of Zoom and YouTube have been very helpful in keeping the churches and many of us connected with one another. However, we do need to be meeting in small discussion groups. Ted and I ask that you contact us or Michele with suggested discussion topics. More information will follow later.
St. Andrew and St. John will be responsible for the August 2nd YouTube Service. Volunteers from our church will be needed. Please think about participating in these areas: scripture reader, prayers, transporting the recording device to participants, altar flowers, photographs, singing, and music.

Gen MacKenzie, Senior Warden
Ted Fletcher, Junior Warden


Reflection from Andrew McMullan
      Are you scared? I am, and that is a good thing.
      Fear is a natural reaction in all humans, indeed all animals, when confronted with danger. If you are scared right now about the pandemic, that is a normal and appropriate response - it means you have a very strong desire to live. When threatened we instinctively react with a flight or fight syndrome; adrenaline rushes, blood pressure increases, etc. to defend us against a threat to our lives. Normal and Natural.
      A Navy Flight Student was on a solo training flight in his A-4 Skyhawk when his only engine quit. He was on downwind in the landing pattern and bravely "dead-sticked" it to a landing rather than ejecting. Fellow pilots went nuts at the Officers Club Bar that night, buying rounds of drinks and congratulating him on his heroism. The C.O. of the training squadron convened a Field Naval Aviator Review Board as is customary following an aircraft accident/incident. Their verdict: "NAFOD". No apparent fear of death. The Board determined that this inexperienced student pilot was not sufficiently scared and he was washed out of Flight Training.
         As a retired Naval Aviator with 296 carrier arrested landings, 101 at night, I know a little about managing fear. A study performed by some Naval Flight Surgeons on carrier pilots during the Vietnam War found that a carrier pilot's blood pressure was even higher when preparing to land aboard their aircraft carrier than during the actual combat mission over North Vietnam. Flying a safe and precise carrier landing is primarily a matter of concentration, moving one's eyes and hands rapidly and correctly to ensure success. Over time I learned to harness that nervous energy into better performance. In these dangerous times it is perfectly normal to be scared - we all should be. Let us try to turn that apprehension into improved performance as far as our exposure to COVID-19. Take the "fight" vs. "flight" response and diligently improve our defenses as per CDC guidelines. Social distancing, frequent hand-washing, etc. We are our Brother's Keeper, wear a mask in public.
      OK. OK. There is supposed to be some spiritual message in these writings. So as not to disappoint:  Remember to fear GOD as well, for one day we will have to answer to Him as to how well we have listened to and followed His teachings.                    
Be safe, be well and it's OK to be scared.





St. John's Calendar

The full St. John's Calendar can be viewed <HERE>




At St. John's

Keep in your prayers this week:

Geoff Schuller, Bill Krueger, Doris McCorison, Gail Leland, Jeremy Harkins, Michael Shook, Joyce and Jim Risser, Loretta Schmidt, Susannah Jones, Theresa Mitchell, David Douglass, George Harorack, Fred & Dollis Sprague, Sara Winchenbach, Dorothea Mead, Ray and Susan McDonald, Richard Ramsdell, Cassandra Crabtree, Beth Pfeiffer, Dorothy & Jim Clunan, Bill and Barbara Loveland.

Remember to check out our website for MUSIC:

Thanks to Stephen Sampson, Jayne Ashworth and Michael Shook, you may enjoy some piano music on the St. Andrew & St. John website.  On the menu on the left-hand side of the home page there is now a link titled 'Music,' and clicking on that link brings you to recordings of piano pieces by Stephen Sampson. 

Westside Food Pantry

We invite you to visit the new page for the Westside Food Pantry!  On this facebook page you will find periodic announcements and information about the Westside Food Pantry.  Please visit the page and like it. You can find it at:

Upcoming distribution Sundays are as follows: July 5 and 19.  The first Sunday distribution hours are 12 noon to 2 PM, the second Sunday hour is 12 noon to 1 PM.  Distribution will be held at St. John's.



From the Diocese of Maine{Diocese of Maine}

As a Parish of the Diocese of Maine, we are part of a church family that extends from Kittery to Fort Kent, and connects us to the rest of the Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion.  We share ministry with our Bishop and with every worshiping community.
If you are not subscribed to the Diocesan twice monthly email newsletter, the DioLog, please click [here] to subscribe.  If you are subscribed, don't forget to open it and read it every time!  There is a lot going on in every corner of the Diocese, and you wouldn't want to miss anything.

Cathedral of St. Luke
Contemplative Prayer, a prayer of silence, is also known as centering prayer, listening prayer, breath prayer, and prayer of the heart. Join us today, July 2, at 4:30 as we open our minds and hearts to God. Join our  Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 484 179 071
        +1 253 215 8782 US or  +1 301 715 8592 US

MDI+ Episcopal Churches:

The MDI Episcopal Broadcast Team is looking for a person from each parish to act as the Transporter of the MDI Episcopal Broadcast Studio (MDIEBS - which is the iPhone on which we record music and readings and services to be used in creating the online services.)   Duties would include, on the week recordings are being made when your parish is hosting/coordinating the service, getting the MDIEBS from the person who last had it (at the moment, likely Tony and Joanne Sousa, Jim Vallette, or Jayne Ashworth) and coordinating the timely and early-in-the-week recordings needed for that week (you would have the names and telephone numbers for those who have agreed to share with us - and you need to be aware that you may need to meet someone someplace if they live off-Island.)   It is also possible that you may be asked to help them record their reading/music, and you can do/not do whatever makes you comfortable in that respect.   If you are willing to do this task for St. Andrew & St. John (we host/coordinate a service once a month), or would like more information, please contact Jayne Ashworth, (207) 244-5985 or (434) 227-0738.
The parishes of Mount Desert Island have been offering Sunday morning worship via the MDI Episcopal channel. Those of us assembling the service would like to know if you are having problems accessing or viewing the service.  If so, please send an email to Jayne Ashworth ( and describe the problem(s) you have experienced.   While we cannot do anything about a power outage, we can try to assist if the difficulty is of the "how do I" variety.
From a computer or smart phone, to access the weekly services, you need to open an Internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, there are others ... however you access the Internet from this device)
From the browser, go to: and into the empty box at the top of the screen put: MDI Episcopal and then press the Enter/Return key, You Tube will find the channel for you.
Click the channel name (MDI Episcopal) when it appears and YouTube will take you to the channel, where you can see everything available.   To access one of the offerings, click on it.
When you are first on the MDI Episcopal YouTube channel, you will see a SUBSCRIBE button.   If you subscribe to the channel, YouTube will display the latest offerings from the channel as soon as you open YouTube.
There are other ways to access YouTube, through smart televisions and devices like Roku, Fire Sticks, etc.  Please consult the information provided with that device to determine how to access YouTube with it.
Confidential Prayer Chain: Unlike our published prayer lists, prayer requests that come into the Prayer Chain remain private to the prayer chain itself, which will pray devotedly for one week unless an updated request is made. If you'd like to know more about this or our Pastoral Care Team, please contact our office administrators.

St. Mary and St. Jude
The Rev. Stephen Muncie is conducting a Zoom Bible Study of 1 Samuel, which tells of the rise of King David, on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 a.m.  He is using the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) translation of the Bible but you may use any translation you have on hand. For direct dial or URL information for this meeting, click here.
Church of Our Father
Music and Chatter:  On each Wednesday at 5:30 pm there will be a 30 minute program entitled "Music & Chatter".  The idea is to keep us all involved and up to date.  It can be seen on the MDI Episcopal You Tube channel. Click on the link below:



A variety of ways exist on Mount Desert Island for people to offer to provide help or to receive help during the current pandemic.
Connecting with the people who are coordinating this effort may happen:
1)   Via a website -  MDI Community Response
2)   Via FaceBook - search for the group: MDI Helpers:   Pandemic Mutual Aid
3)   Contact Jessica Stewart, one of the coordinators for the group
      home (207) 266-0919

5)  Also:

6)  Lincoln Millstein has put together a Quietside newsletter -- very interesting:



Stephen Sampson, Music Director
Michele Daley, Parish Administrator (244-3229)
Sr. Warden, Gen MacKenzie (244-7313)
Jr. Warden, Ted Fletcher (244-5225)
The Church Office is open Monday and Thursday 8:30 - 2:30 (244-3229)
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